Guidelines for writing your adverts

The way you write your vacancy advertisement plays a key role in attracting the best candidates.

Competition among employers for graduates is hot, making it vital for you to sell your job and company to potential applicants:

Imagine yourself as the student you want to recruit, put yourself in their shoes – what would make you want to read about this position and apply?

Ensure that your advert answers the “What’s in it for me?” question.

Unlike general recruitment websites, your audience is specifically NTU students and recent graduates – take the opportunity to tailor your offer. Can you personalise the message? Eg. The last graduate we took on studied History at NTU…

It is easy to upload a job advertisement on Futurehub – all information can be entered on one screen. Here’s how you can make the most of your job advertisement.

Please note:Sandwich placements are minimum 36 week placements, taken between the second and final year of study, supported by the University through visits and monitoring. If you want to advertise a placement, we can do that separately on our bespoke placement management system, just get in touchhere.

Position Title

    • Capture the attention of your ideal graduate with a concise Position Title.
    • Simplicity is the key – use terms that student job seekers will be familiar with - avoid jargon.
    • Be accurate in the title and don’t use “gimmicks”
    • Students will search by using “key word searches” e.g. marketing so make sure the position title accurately reflects that.

Application closing date – we recommend this is minimum 2 weeks away and maximum 6 months – less time for the application process creates an impetus for students to apply – if it is a short window please get in contact so we can push out the vacancies for you.

Contact info – chose whether you want to display your contact details.

General Details

Renumeration – We strongly advise you disclose the salary offered as we have noticed this can positively impact the volume of applications received.


You have 300 characters to make the maximum impact and entice the student to pick on your positions.

    • Imagine you only have 10 seconds to convince a student to read about your position – use its benefits as a hook to attract the type of person you’re looking for.
    • Write the summary uniquely – don’t copy a paragraph from the positions ‘job details’ section
    • Avoid repetition – this is your chance to sell your company to the students

Job Details

    • Describe the position comprehensively including its opportunities and responsibilities.
    • Provide a brief summary of your company and what it’s like such as the culture and working environment.
    • Be specific about the position’s benefits, including the salary, on-the-job and other training, opportunities for career progression, rewards and incentives. This is the ideal forum to promote benefits specifically targeted to students, such as if you can employ students while they complete their studies.
    • Explain what you’re looking for in applicants – qualifications, skills, experience, working hours, personality characteristics – without being too generic.
    • Specify what makes your job or graduate program unique – remember your candidates are likely to be comparing your offer against others.
    • Keep the details informative yet concise, remembering candidates will see your advertisement on screen, most likely initially scanning through the text rather than reading each word.

Tips to present your position attractively on screen:

    • Use short paragraphs.
    • Present information in bullet point lists. (a * at the beginning of the line will be converted to a bullet point when viewed in FutureHub)

Attachments- If you have a comprehensive job description or fuller information add an attachment.

Application Procedures

Make it easy to understand how to apply:

    • Keep the instructions simple, remembering students may not have applied for full-time employment before.
    • Explain exactly what an application should include if you need an example of a CV, example of the student’s portfolio and a cover letter make sure you make it clear here. If you need to direct them to an online application form include the working hyperlink here.
    • Detailed information can be included as an attachment viewed with your advertisement.

The Business Development Team are happy to assist if you need support in writing your adverts.