Vacancy handling policy

Terms and Conditions - updated January 2016

This policy follows guidelines set out by the following professional organisations, of which the Employability Team are a member:

  • Best Practice in Graduate Recruitment as agreed by AGCAS (the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services), AGR (the Association of Graduate Recruiters) and the NUS (National Union of Students).
  • NASES (National Association for Student Employment Services).

The document also draws from recognised policies and legislation on equal opportunities and confidentiality.

Vacancies we advertise

The Employability Team are happy to advertise the following vacancies in accordance with the guidance listed below:

  • Graduate level vacancies with an immediate start date
  • Graduate level vacancies for finalists with a future start date i.e. graduate recruitment schemes
  • Graduate and/or finalist schemes available throughout the year
  • Work experience opportunities and summer internships
  • Undergraduate placement schemes – however these will be transferred to our bespoke placement management portal InPlace for targeted promotion.
  • Part-time, term‐time work for current students
  • Vacation work for current students and graduates (e.g. summer camps, voluntary work and other career enhancing opportunities in the UK or abroad)
  • Postgraduate opportunities for organisations coming on campus to recruit

Vacancies we don’t advertise

We do not handle any vacancies that, in our judgment:

  • Discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, disability, age or sexual preference unless;

There is a genuine occupational requirement, covered by the relevant legislation, which permits exemption from this legislation

Employers must quote the relevant section of the applicable Act within the vacancy.

  • Do not pay the legal National Minimum Wage (see acceptable exemptions below)
  • Are inappropriate to our remit as a university employability service
  • Promote or endorse illegal activity e.g. pyramid selling schemes
  • Pay on a commission only basis- either wholly or principally commission only
  • Are linked to the Adult/Sex industry
  • Represent an undue health and safety risk
  • Involve students writing academic essays or personal statements for use by other students
  • Have misleading, incomplete or inaccurate job descriptions
  • Do not include an address or landline contact number
  • Involve work in private households, especially those that involve with vulnerable groups eg children, the elderly.However, we will advertise such vacancies if:

The work is supervised by an appropriately licensed agency, providing the necessary training and relevant liability insurance

The advertiser, is personally vouched for by, a member of the University staff

Vacancies with additional requirements

NTU's Employability Team are happy to advertise work experience opportunities provided they either offer payment of at least the National Minimum Wage or where they constitute a genuine training/learning opportunity with no stated or implied contract of employment.

Certain organisations are exempt from National Minimum Wage legislation, such as registered charities or schools, or those offering placements as part of a higher education course of study (NB: Some Nottingham Trent University courses do offer placement /work based learning opportunities that meet this exemption). If you believe that your organisation is exempt from National Minimum Wage legislation, please let us know before you submit your vacancy.

If you advertise a work experience position outside the UK, you must comply with relevant employment and health and safety legislation and we will expect you to have checked this.

Recruitment Agencies/Consultancies

We acknowledge that Recruitment agencies provide a route to a market for graduates and undergraduates.We therefore will advertise vacancies on behalf of Recruitment Agencies and this is free of charge. However the following considerations should be noted:

  • Checks will be made to ensure all agencies are members of REC or other professional bodies.
  • Agencies will be asked to disclose their clients name.
  • NTU will not disclose in advertising the name of the client.
  • Under certain circumstances we will advertise vacancies without disclosure of the client. This would particularly apply to HR outsourcing agencies, where the client is using HR Outsourcing for all their recruitment and HR services.
  • If an agency submits a vacancy already advertised by a client in their own right, or a client submits a vacancy already provided by an agency, NTU will advertise the client vacancy, unless otherwise instructed by the client.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to work with an agency for any reason.

How we will advertise your vacancies

All opportunities are advertised at the discretion of the Employability Team and we reserve the right to edit listed vacancies and promotional copy where necessary.

  • To advertise your opportunity, login or register using our vacancy portal FutureHub
  • Vacancies must be approved by us before they go live on our website for students and graduates to view. The Employability Team aims to approve all vacancies upon receipt. You will receive an email from FutureHub once your vacancy has been approved. If there is a query with your vacancy we will lock it/hold it and then contact you immediately for clarification. If we are unable to advertise your vacancy we will reject it using the FutureHub system.
  • Vacancies will be advertised until the specified closing date. Where a closing date has not been specified:
  • part‐time and immediate full‐time vacancies will be advertised for one calendar month after publication;
  • vacancies for finalists will be advertised until 31 July of the relevant academic year;
  • summer vacation work will be advertised until 30 June of the relevant academic year.
  • Competitions, open days, employer events will be advertised on FutureHub, on Employability social media and in the Employability Centres as appropriate.

Limitations of the Service

  • The Employability Service will promote opportunities to students and graduates, although we cannot guarantee responses to adverts or opportunities
  • The Service will collect applications or CVs on behalf of an employer providing it is for a sandwich placement which is integral to the course of study.

We are very interested in the views of employers and if you would like to provide comments regarding this service please do not hesitate to email us: