Rise Insight Day Programme - Employer Submission Form 2022/23

The Rise Insight Programme aims to raise the career aspirations and commercial awareness of Widening Participation students at NTU.
It is open to first year students across a variety of disciplines who are considering future career prospects.
Providing an Insight Experince allows your organisation to showcase potential opportunities to the next generation of diverse talent.

Rise Insight Day Programme - Employer Submission Form

Please complete this form to confirm your interest in hosting an Insight Experience to students as part of the NTU Rise Insight Programme.

Your Details

About your Organisation

Please use this section to tell us more about your organisation. This could include your core activities/objectives/values, what sectors you operate in etc.
Please tell us more information about career opportunities typically available in your business, and what these roles entail - this does not have to be roles you are actively recruiting for. The aim of the Rise Insight Programme is to raise students' commercial awareness across a range of sectors and provide them with career inspiration.

Details of your Insight Day

Employers are welcome to host multiple insights days to increase exposure and connect with more groups of students. We may not be able to accommodate every offer depending on student demand. Someone from the team will be in touch to confirm how many days we require from your organisation.
Students will be placed into groups for Insight Days. Please let us know how many students you are able to host. We recommend groups of around 10 students depending on your circumstances, but appreciate organisations vary in their capacity and may not be able to host this many students at once.
The Rise Insight Programme will take place between Monday 28th March and Friday 29th April, when the students are on Easter break and free from lectures. Please indicate which week you would be available, and use the next section that appears to indicate specific dates of that week.
Please select your preferred day.
Please select your preferred day.
Please select your preferred day.
Please select your preferred day.
ie 10am-2pm, 12pm-4pm.
This could include but is not limited to: meetings with current staff across different departments, focus groups, team challenges, mentoring/reverse mentoring workshops, interview/application advice for students. Please note the Employability Team will be able to support with the development of your insight day is required.
ie laptops, notebooks?
ie facilities for lunch nearby, office dress codes